Citizens Before Politics


Dear Neighbor,

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and share with you what I will bring to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) once elected into office.

I am a Military Veteran who served with honor and a father of two wonderful sons, Lauro Jr., and Manuel. I am a husband to a wonderful wife, Ines and a grandfather to my beautiful two-year-old granddaughter, Penelope.

I have 34 years of law enforcement experience of which 27 were spent at the Palm Beach Sheriff Office. Some of the positions I held throughout my career were:

Captain of the Organized Crime Division
Captain of Training
Captain of the Law Enforcement Division
Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division
Captain of Operations and 911 Coordinator.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

My number one core value is Transparency. I truly believe the Sheriff’s Office is the people’s office. The seat of the Sheriff is to serve all, not just some, and citizens must always come first before politics. I believe that if we treat each other with equality, respect, professionalism, integrity, compassion and courage, we can achieve a stronger and safer county.

Your neighbor,

Lauro Diaz


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“Citizens before politics”

Captain Lauro E. Diaz began his law enforcement career in 1979 as a military police officer of the United States Army. After completing his three-year commitment with the armed forces, he joined the Palm Beach County sheriff's office. Semanario Acción magazine had the privilege to welcome in its newsroom the former captain, Cuban-American Lauro Diaz who granted us an interview in which he explained the objectives of his political platform and his future plans to be elected as Palm Beach County Sheriff in the 2020 elections.

Díaz arrived in the city of West Palm Beach on December 20, 1970 from his homeland Cuba. He is currently a military veteran who served with honor in our armed forces. He is the father of two children, Lauro Junior and Manuel, the husband of an exceptional lady, Ines, and the grandfather of a beautiful three-year old girl.

Mr. Díaz What is the purpose of your political platform for Palm Beach County?

Serving citizens with total transparency, honesty and impartiality, increase the vigilance and take the agency to the level of service that all deserve; to be the sheriff that always places the citizens above politics to guarantee a safer community for us all.

What plans do you have if you become a county Sheriff?

  • To vigorously fight drug-related crimes, gangs, and criminal activity associated with antisocial crimes such as violent crimes, property crimes, and identity-related crimes.
  • Enforcing traffic laws in the streets and municipal roads in the county, which will make travel safer for citizens and visitors.
  • To provide safe and healthy learning environments for students of all ages in charter, public and private schools; to identify at-risk youth through communication between teachers, parents and law enforcement officers, working together to improve school safety.
  • To ensure that families receive the services available for health, safety, and mental illness with resources from the Department of Children and Families and through prevention education, teaching them how to protect their homes, and raising awareness about scams and identity thefts.
  • I will be fiscally accountable by ensuring that your tax dollars are responsibly spent on programs that improve the safety of all citizens.
  • To keep citizens informed and up to date on all threats and emergencies.
  •  I will pay close attention to the citizens’ concerns and throughout my tenure.  As your Sheriff I will be an open book. Without secrets.

 What does Lauro Diaz promise to the citizens of Palm Beach County if he wins the elections on August 25, 2020?_ Once I’m elected as Palm Beach County Sheriff, the residents will give me the authority to make important changes that guarantee the improvement of the County's communities by making sure that their voice will always be heard.  Rest assured that Lauro Diaz will always keep you up to date, in accordance with my motto: “Citizens before politics”.Lauro E. Diaz holds a master's degree in Homeland  Security and Emergency Management and a degree in Sciences in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. He also graduated from the School of Drug Commanders and the School of Dignitary Protection Commanders in Washington D C.During his 34 years as a police officer he has maintained a constant self-improvement, from Highway Patrol officer and uniformed sergeant to detective and lieutenant of the Tactical Unit,  narcotics agent,  Sergeant,  Lieutenant and Captain, Captain of Criminal Investigation,  Commander of the Special Unit SWAT, training captain, Command Center officer,  911 emergency coordinator and Captain of Police Operations.   He also has excellent negotiation and public relations skills; he is highly qualified to collaborate with others and has a genuine interest in the field of education. He is also a very enthusiastic and professional person we can trust.We hope that this small interview serves as a guide to make a difference in choosing those who best represent us.  If you are interested in being part of the Diaz team, you can write to us to